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You're probably familiar with the 10,000 hours concept -- the one from Malcolm Gladwell, not the Dan + Shay / Justin Bieber song -- the one that states that if you want to become an expert at something all you need to do is invest ten thousand hours in it. There's some debate about the accuracy of that claim but to be sure, if you invest the equivalent of 5 years of a full-time job at something you'll be better at it than when you started.

I don't know if 10,000 hours is the magic number that leads you to expertise, but I do know that regular practice it the key to getting better at something. That's especially true of a musical instrument like a guitar. If you want to get better at playing guitar -- quickly -- practicing for at least 20 minutes per day is definitely one way to get there.

In support of that goal, FATpick includes a personal statistics tracker.

To find it, go to "My Profile" (the "person" icon on the header of each screen in FATpick, or the "My Profile" menu button -- M keyboard shortcut -- from the FATpick home screen), then click on "My Stats".

There you will currently find:

I believe that My Activity this Week is the most important metric to monitor. If you want to see rapid improvement you should make sure that chart always shows at least 3 bars over 20 minutes. But the My Most Active Times chart may be the most insightful because it reveals information that may not be obvious to you. Use this chart to identify your natural practice times -- the times when you are both available and motivated to play guitar -- and then JEALOUSLY GUARD THOSE HOURS to protect your practice time. If the key to improvement is spending time at practice, the key to spending time at practice is intentionally setting aside time to do that. The heatmap gives you some insight into your natural cycles. Don't be afraid to lean into that schedule to make the most of your practice time.

We're collecting richer data than these -- including the songs you play most often, your net miss/early/late/perfect count and so on -- but we're not sure of the best way to present that data just yet. If there are data you'd especially like to see, let us know.

FATpick is a guitar practice tool that presents auto-scrolling tabs synchronized with backing music. FATpick listens as you play along on your guitar, tracking the notes you hit or miss. Choose from the rapidly growing library of songs shared by others, or import custom songs by uploading Guitar Pro files.

"My Stats" is just one of FATpick's features.

FATpick is currently free for Windows and MacOS, even Linux.

(Fair Warning: We do want to charge for FATpick eventually, but we're still making it cooler. Early adopters can help us make the ultimate guitar practice tool and will get a sweet discount when we're finally ready to charge.)

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