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We don't just build FATpick. We use it. It's our go-to tool when we want to learn to play a new song.

So when a new song on is shared on FATpick, we often check it out, and sometimes make adjustments if we notice something that's off.

At first we did this just for fun -- outside of work -- this really is a good way to learn to a new song. Then it became an obligation -- we'd try out songs during the workday to check for problems with the app.

But the number of people importing songs and making them public is growing, and we can't keep up. That means the number of songs in the library that no one over here has seen is growing. And we're a little worried there could be problems we're not aware of.

That's where you come in. Unable to clone ourselves or add more hours to each day in order to try out all the stuff that's being shared, we've added a way to make it easy for you to let us know that something's not right about a particular song.

Detail of a screenshot from FATpick showing the poly-note icon that is used to indicate chord tracks.

In the upper left corner of the track selection page you'll find a button labeled "Report Song". When you click it a dialog box will appear thru which you can quickly let us know about any problems you discover. All you need to do is mark what's wrong with the song and click "Submit", we'll take if from there.

Of course if you'd like to provide more detailed feedback you are encouraged to use the in-app feedback form (lightbulb icon) or contact us online.

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