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Recently we've had a lot of requests for a Linux version of FATpick. Unfortunately at this stage we are not able to offer support for FATpick on Linux.

However, by virtue of our tech stack it isn't difficult to at least compile a version of FATpick for Linux. Knowing this, several users volunteered to test a Linux version, even in a rough-and-ready form.

Hence for FATpick v1.4.2, in addition to our regular builds for Windows and OSX, we have generated an experimental build of FATpick for Linux.

FATpick on Linux

Please note that this Linux build has not been tested. We cannot vouch for its quality or functionality; or even be sure that it will run at all on your distro. But if you are want to give it a try you can grab the latest version here. (It's an AppImage file.)

Again, currently we are not able to provide support for FATpick on Linux. But we are interested in your experience. You are invited to contact us via the in-app or online form with any feedback you can share. We can't promise to respond to all inquiries about the Linux app, but your feedback will definitely be reviewed and appreciated.

And who knows? If there's enough interest to cover the development and testing effort we'd be happy to make Linux an officially supported platform.

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