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Version 1.5.6 of the FATpick was released on February 24th, 2020 for Windows, Mac OSX and (unofficially) Linux.

Visit the downloads page to get the latest version of the FATpick app.

✨ New Features

  • Chord names and strumming patterns now appear above that tabs (when available in the imported Guitar Pro file).

  • An option to report a problem with a shared song has been added to the track-selection screen.

  • In order to make customer support more effective, application log files have been added. From the "General Settings" panel - with "Advanced Options" enabled - you have the ability to (a) share log files with customer support, (b) to delete the current log files, and (c) disable file-based logging altogether. The location of log files on your specific install of the app can also be found on the General Settings panel.

🎁 Notable Enhancements

  • The "My Activity the Week" chart on the My Stats screen has been changed to reflect a rolling 7 day window (i.e. the previous 7 days) rather than a calendar week.

  • A new "performance feedback mode" option has been added to the "Game Play Setting" panel. In addition to the previously existing options of just showing whether a note was hit or missed vs. detailed early/late annotations, you can now choose the "no feedback" option in which the tab player provides no immediate feedback on your performance.

  • A new "has chords" filter has been added to the song search screen.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • A couple of keyboard navigation shortcuts that were missing have been added.

  • FATpick will now automatically recover in the relatively unlikely event that one of the configuration files becomes corrupt. (Previously this could lead to a "white screen" on start-up).

Visit the downloads page to get the latest version of FATpick for Mac and Windows.

An unofficial Linux version is also available.

Screenshot of tab with chord name and stroke annotations in FATpick.

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