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FATpick v1.6.1 was released on March 25th, 2020, adding one of our most requested features: repeat looping. When repeat mode is active FATpick will loop over any part of a song that you select.

✨ New Features

  • A new repeat loop mode that you can use to repeatedly play a riff or section of a song. This is a great practice tool. Repeating the same part over and over again while gradually increasing the playback speed is a great way to learn to play tricky or advanced guitar parts.

🎁 Notable Enhancements

  • Additional modifier keys are now supported when using the arrow keys to navigate within a song's tablature, so that you can position the playhead more precisely within a song. This is especially helpful when selecting the section you want to play in repeat mode.

  • You may notice a small improvement to the accuracy of FATpick's note detection. Some minor changes were made to the pitch detection algorithm.

Visit the downloads page to get the latest version of the FATpick app for Windows, Mac OSX and (unofficially) Linux.

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