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Version 1.6.5 of FATpick was released on Tuesday, 12 May 2020.

✨ New and Enhanced Features

  • Deep Linking Support - share direct links to songs, playlists and more. External fatpick:// URLs - from the web, text, email, anywhere - now automatically launch the app and navigate to the relevant content. (We've got a lot planned for this capability.)

  • Palm Muted (Dead) Note Handling - so-called "dead" notes (which often appear as X in tablature) are now rendered in backing track audio and matched by the note detection algorithm.

🎁 Notable Improvements

  • Latency Calibration Options - An alternative set of test sounds and some other options were added to the latency calibration screen. Most users probably want to stick with the default test, but if you've been having trouble getting the calibration right you may want to try the alternative test. It seems to work better for certain audio drivers and hardware.

  • Design Tweaks to the Tab Player, Song Browser and elsewhere - some small "user experience" improvements were implemented throughout the app. For example:

    • the current tuning and other details about the track you are playing has been added to the header on the tablature view

    • some navigational conveniences have been added to the search controls on the song search/browse view

  • Expanded (Placeholder) Cover Art Library - since most songs in FATpick have "real" cover art selected by the person sharing the tab you may not have noticed this, but when there is no specific cover associated with the tab, FATpick will display "place-holder" cover art to fill the void. The library of place-holder cover images has been expanded to include more than 70 images - 5x the previous count.

FATpick helps make guitar practice engaging, fun and effective. It's an interactive tab player, synchronized with backing audio, that gives you real-time feedback on accuracy and timing as you play along with any guitar. Choose from a growing library of 100s of tabs for guitar and bass - or play custom songs by importing any Guitar Pro file.

And right now you can get FATpick for free. No trials. No "lite" version. No time-limits. No in-app purchases. Just download, install and start playing.

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