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Version 1.6.7 of FATpick contains a few small enhancements to improve the tab playing experienced. It was released on Tuesday, 26 May 2020.

✨ New and Enhanced Features

  • The tab player now shows measure breaks. This is a nice visual reminder of the song tempo and structure.

  • Velocity-Sensitive Gesture-Based Controls can now be used on the tablature player. Make the pinch gesture on your trackpad to zoom in and out. Slide two fingers left or right to scroll. The faster you move your fingers, the farther the tab will slide.

  • Velocity-Sensitive Mouse-Wheel Controls can also now be used on the tablature player. Scroll the mouse-wheel up or down to scroll the tab. Hold down the control (ctrl) key and the mouse-wheel will zoom in or out. As with gestures, the faster you scroll the mouse-wheel the farther the tablature will zoom or scroll.

  • Keyboard Media-Control Buttons are now supported on the tablature view. If you have an extended keyboard with media-player buttons, you can use them to control the FATpick tab player, in the natural way:

    • Press ⏯ to stop or start the player.
    • Press ⏹ to stop the player (if it is running).
    • Press ⏮ to restart the song (or loop) at the beginning.

Visit the downloads page to get the latest version of FATpick for Windows, MacOS or Linux.

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