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🐞 Bug Fixes

Version 1.7.10 corrects a critical problem accidentally introduced in the previous release of FATpick for Windows and OS X computers.

Shortly before Christmas we released FATpick v1.7.8. While it was meant as a minor maintence or hygeine release, erronous changes to the "song initialization" logic led to a cluster of issues relating to the "stickiness" of song-specific options, including:

  • whether or not the cover-art backdrop is enabled

  • the track audio mix (track-specfic volume and mute settings)

  • which track is selected for viewing in the tab player

Some users experienced these issues much more acutely than others. Depending upon your personal play history with the song and the specific sequence of actions taken when configuring the initial audio mix, the impact could be as subtle as occassional problems with the stickiness of track volume settings between application sessions or as severe as the complete inability to open specific songs in the tab player.

Fortunately FATpick v1.7.10, released 27 December 2020, fixes all of these problems. Visit the release page to get it now.

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