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This is a minor maintenance update to correct a couple of issues accidentally introduced with last week's v2.5 upgrade.

Version 2.5.1 was released December 21, 2021. As always, you can visit to download the latest version of FATpick for MacOS or Windows.

Change Log

  • Improved Timing Resolution for Long Strings of Short, Repeated Notes. - A (figuratively) last-minute change to the note-timing evaluation logic in v2.5 was not sufficiently vetted, and the negative impact on one specific scenario - Sequences of short-duration, identical notes (e.g., a Police-style bass line with with exact same note repeated at 8th or 16th note intervals) - went undetected prior to launch. The problem has been addressed. And new test cases have been added to our build-verification suite to prevent this specific class of problem going forward.

  • Restored Keyboard Navigation Within Tabs. - Normally you can use the (left-arrow) and (right-arrow) keys on your keyboard (and optional modifiers like shift, cmd, and ctrl) to navigate within a tab in the song player. This capability was inadvertently disabled in the previous release, but has now been restored.

  • New INI Config. A new INI file configuration option was added in support of advanced multi-port audio interface configuration.

For more information about FATpick, the tab player that listens, visit

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