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FATpick is a practice tool for guitar, bass and other stringed instruments that helps you learn to play new songs and to master the songs you already know.

FATpick is

  • a tablature viewer designed for sight-reading with your guitar in-hand.

  • a tablature player that synchronizes the score with backing tracks or original recordings.

  • a tablature player that listens as you play along, giving you real-time feedback on rhythm and pitch.

FATpick is available for free, right now, as a beta release for Mac OS and Windows PCs.

We'll be free for at least a few months as we work out the kinks, and when we're finally ready to go premium, beta users will get a sweet deal with our thanks, so please check it out and let us know what you think.

Any song. Any guitar. No special hardware. No limits.

Get it here.

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