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Estimated Track Difficulty

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The difficulty rating is a measure of the complexity of given track - an estimate of the level of skill required to play the tab. It's based on more than two-dozen beat-, measure-, phrase-, and song-level attributes that model the rhythmic, fretting and picking/plucking/strumming performance dimensions.

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Top Songs for June 2021

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When you put enough guitarists together, classic rock and heavy metal are always well represented. The FATpick chart is no exception: Pink Floyd earned two spots in the top 10 this month; the Swedish power metal act HammerFall made a strong second-place showing; and familiar faces like AC/DC and System of a Down also ranked in the top 10. But it's a pretty eclectic list overall: from America's 1970s folk-rock anthem “Horse With No Name” at the top of the chart to 90s alt-rock staples like Cake and Beck to traditional country songs from the 1930s. There's even a track from the soundtrack to the surrealist rom-com movie Amélie. It's Forrest's box of chocolates in here. You never know what you're going to get.

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Flatwound Bass Strings

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Flat wound guitar strings: what they are and why you might want to use them. Accessible introduction with audio samples.

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Top Songs for May 2021

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The Eagles' Hotel California was the most played song in FATpick for May 2021. Other popular songs included Armata by Powerwolf, Beethoven's Für Elise, I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash and Do I Wanna Know by the Arctic Monkeys.

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Top Songs for April 2021

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The most popular song in FATpick for April 2021 was Zombie by the Cranberries, accounting for 1.8% of the total play time. Other top songs include Daft Punk's Get Lucky (1.5%), Rebel Rebel by David Bowie (1.5%), Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight (1.4%) and Shout at the Devil by Mötley Crüe.

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Interactive Fretboard Note Chart

Explore the notes on the fretboard for any instrument in any tuning with this customizable, interactive tool.

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Legacy (v1) clients are no longer supported

Legacy vesions of the FATpick app are no longer supported. If you're using a first-generation (v1.x) instance of the app, please go to and upgrade. It's quick and easy, and besides, you'll be delighted how much has improved in the latest version.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

List of keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate most of the FATpick application.

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Searching and Filtering Songs

Search, filter and sort the songs in FATpick's catalog using facets.

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Song Library

FATpick includes hundreds of songs and thousands of individual tracks to play, with more added every day. Learn more about FATpick's song catalog and how to add custom songs of your own.

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Press Kit

High-resolution logos, icons, screenshots and other assets for print and digital publication are available in the FATpick press kit (media kit).

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Most Played Songs, February 2021

Most popular songs for February 2021.

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