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Printing and Exporting Tabs

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Have you ever wished you could play songs from your FATpick library when offline or away from your computer? Now you can. Print or export the full tablature for any song in FATpick using the Print Tab option on the main tab view/gameplay screen.

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INI File Configuration

Most users won't need to worry about this, but in addition to the in-app settings, it is possible to customize or control various advanced aspects of the FATpick application using an external configuration file. This post describes the use and validation of these initialization files.

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Top Songs for August 2021

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Ed Sheeran and Arctic Monkeys hang on to their spots in the top 10, but 80% of the chart is new this month, featuring songs by Dire Straits, The Beatles, The White Stripes, Eric Clapton, Phish, and others.

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Top Songs for July 2021

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The Arctic Monkeys, Daft Punk and Bob Marley are all back with a vengeance after dropping off the chart for a couple of months, but they couldn't hold back newly added songs from Bôa and Ed Sheeran.

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Updating FATpick - Automatically or Manually

The FATpick app will upgrade itself automatically when a new release is available. Learn more about the auto-update feature, and how to update FATpick manually should you need to.

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It's come to our attention that some warez sites claim to have a 'cracked' version of FATpick for download. There's literally no reason for this. The app is already free, and wouldn't operate stand-alone anyway. Don't risk being infected with malware to get an unmodified installer for an older, crappier version of FATpick. Go to (or a reputable software directory) and get the real thing, safely and securely.

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Top Songs for March 2021

Most played songs - and most played new songs - in FATpick for March 2021.

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Enabling Hardware Acceleration to Maximize Performance

Enable high-performance graphics mode to allow FATpick to take full advantage of your computer's capabilities.

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Installing FATpick with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge and Windows SmartScreen warnings during the installation process, what they mean, and what to do about them.

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Adding Custom Songs

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Play custom songs in FATpick by importing a Guitar Pro file.

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Guitar Chord Database

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Hundreds of guitar chords in fewer than 3 clicks from any screen in the app.

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Track Fretboard Heat Map

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Get a better sense of the fretting hand positions you'll use for a tab - even before you play the song for the first time.

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