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Note Table

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A handy reference chart listing information about the notes across the audible spectrum: the physical properties of their corresponding sound waves; mappings of the notes to MIDI note numbers and to positions on a piano keyboard, and to standard guitar, bass and ukulele fretboards; and some related meta-data.

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Additional Documentation on Settings

Just making a note to say there's some older but still useful information about FATpick's settings and other configuration options to be found in the settings section of the user's guide.

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Metronome Track

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A customizable metronome track is now automatically added to each song in FATpick.

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Application Logs

Application logs may contain information that can help the FATpick Support Team diagnose and resolve any technical issues you might encounter. Here's how to enable the logs and share them with the FATpick team.

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Troubleshooting: Performance Issues

Common causes of distorted audio and jerky animation, and what you can do about them.

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Windows Installation Instructions

Instructions on installing FATpick on Microsoft Windows and related tips.

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Phasing out support for FATpick v1.x

FATpick will soon drop support for the older (v1) generation of the desktop client application. Please upgrade to avoid disruption.

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Legacy Screen Shot Archive

Historical archive of screen-shots and other documentation from FATpick v1.x.

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Year in Review 2020: User Behavior

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Most played songs, most active users, and other facts about how people used FATpick to learn guitar in 2020.

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In-App Feedback Form

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We're proud to be responsive to requests from our users, and thankful for the opportunity. The in-app feedback form is one way we try to make it easy for you to share your thoughts or ask for help.

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Year in Review 2020: The Song Catalog

Observations about the 215 songs and 851 tracks you shared in 2020.

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Controlling the Song Playback Rate

Learning a new song? Start slow and gradually increase the tempo until you can play it at full speed - or faster. The playback rate control will help.

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