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Release Notes for FATpick v2.5.6

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FATpick v2.5.6 includes several new, small-scale features, a collection of bug fixes, and few other minor enhancements. Feature improvements include random songs lists, duplicate song detection, new auto-discovery chord types, and the option to flip any tab on the vertical axis. Issues with unplayable tracks, accurate representation of relative string gauges, and the proper annotation of inverted chord fingerings have been addressed.

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Chord Names and Abbreviations

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Musical chords by name, example, and interval pattern. Look up the full name of a chord for the abbreviation that appears in FATpick. Use the interval formula to identify the notes in any key for more than 50 different types of chords, from "Major" to "Minor 6th" to "Dominant 7th Sharp 5th Added".

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Guitar Chord Database

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Hundreds of guitar chords in fewer than 3 clicks from any screen in the app.

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In-App Guitar Tools and References

Quick access to tools and reference materials from every screen in FATpick. Includes a guitar tuner, a chord database and more.

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Chords and Strumming Patterns

See chords and strumming patterns above the tablature.

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