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Note Detection Basics

General guidelines on how to improve the accuracy of the note detection that powers FATpick's real-time note accuracy and timing feedback. Advice on troubleshooting common problems with note recognition.

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Chord Names and Abbreviations

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Musical chords by name, example, and interval pattern. Look up the full name of a chord for the abbreviation that appears in FATpick. Use the interval formula to identify the notes in any key for more than 50 different types of chords, from "Major" to "Minor 6th" to "Dominant 7th Sharp 5th Added".

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Audio Settings

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A detailed walk-thru of the various controls and configuration options available in FATpick's Audio Settings menu. (Updated March 7, 2022.)

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ENV Variables for Advanced Customization

Partial listing of ENV and INI parameters for advanced configuration of FATpick.

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Index of Major Blog Categories

Index to some of the important tags we use to categorize blog posts. (Updated 1/15/22.)

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Main Settings Menu

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Your entry-point for dozens of application preferences that can be used to customize your FATpick experience. Read on for an overview of the main settings menu options and links to detailed documentation for each sub-menu.

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General Settings Menu

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The general settings menu contains several application-wide configuration options such as look-and-feel preferences, log and cache configuration, and more. Read on for screenshots and a detailed description of the general settings menu options.

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