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Note Detection Basics

General guidelines on how to improve the accuracy of the note detection that powers FATpick's real-time note accuracy and timing feedback. Advice on troubleshooting common problems with note recognition.

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When does FATpick expect a note to start?

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If you've ever wondered exactly when FATpick expects you to play a note to achieve perfect timing - or just want a better understanding of the timing component of FATpick's note detection - this is the post for you.

When should I "hit" a note? What point am I supposed to be targeting? Is there some visual indication I can track against? Is there another cue I can look for?

The answers to all these questions - and detailed, illustrated examples of the note-timing behavior - can be found inside.

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Song Library

FATpick includes hundreds of songs and thousands of individual tracks to play, with more added every day. Learn more about FATpick's song catalog and how to add custom songs of your own.

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Adding Custom Songs

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Play custom songs in FATpick by importing a Guitar Pro file.

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