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Release Notes for FATpick v2.4.3

New sample-based drum kit. Major upgrade to the stand-alone metronome.

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Edit Song Details

Use the edit song details menu to manage and maintain the songs you've added to FATpick.

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Gameplay Settings

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Use Gameplay Settings to customize the look-and-feel of the tab player and the overall FATpick game experience.

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Interactive Fretboard Note Chart

Explore the notes on the fretboard for any instrument in any tuning with this customizable, interactive tool.

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Release Notes for FATpick v2.4

New metronome that you can use while playing any song, notable improvements to the quality of the backing-track audio, and a handful of other bug-fixes and enhancements.

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Metronome Track

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A customizable metronome track is now automatically added to each song in FATpick.

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Updating FATpick - Automatically or Manually

The FATpick app will upgrade itself automatically when a new release is available. Learn more about the auto-update feature, and how to update FATpick manually should you need to.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

List of keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate most of the FATpick application.

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Searching and Filtering Songs

Search, filter and sort the songs in FATpick's catalog using facets.

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Application Logs

Application logs may contain information that can help the FATpick Support Team diagnose and resolve any technical issues you might encounter. Here's how to enable the logs and share them with the FATpick team.

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Release Notes for FATpick v2.3

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Automatic updates on Windows; 17 new and improved virtual instruments; more cover art options.

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Release Notes for FATpick v2.1.1

Update title, artist and other song data directly in the app. Auto-throttling to automatically adjust when your CPU is overloaded. Plus some small but nice additions.

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