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Understanding Tempo

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Glossary of traditional tempo annotations in Italian, German, and French.

Representative examples of beats-per-minute (bpm) range for popular musical genres like hip-hop, EDM, rock, country, salsa, heavy metal, and others.

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The Elements of Rhythm: Tempo, Time Signature, Meter and Articulation

Rhythm is one of the fundamental components of music. It tells you when each note is played, for how long, and with what emphasis. Learn the difference between time-signature, tempo, meter and more with this gentle introduction to rhythm from the music theoretical perspective.

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Note Table

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A handy reference chart listing information about the notes across the audible spectrum: the physical properties of their corresponding sound waves; mappings of the notes to MIDI note numbers and to positions on a piano keyboard, and to standard guitar, bass and ukulele fretboards; and some related meta-data.

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Chord Names and Abbreviations

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List of chord names and abbreviations used in FATpick.

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