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Release Notes for FATpick v2.5.6

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FATpick v2.5.6 includes several new, small-scale features, a collection of bug fixes, and few other minor enhancements. Feature improvements include random songs lists, duplicate song detection, new auto-discovery chord types, and the option to flip any tab on the vertical axis. Issues with unplayable tracks, accurate representation of relative string gauges, and the proper annotation of inverted chord fingerings have been addressed.

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Flip Strings on Tablature

Left-handed guitarists and others may be interested in FATpick's new, unique Flip Strings feature. Enable this setting will reverse the order in which strings appear on the tablature, effectively mirroring the tab across a vertical access. Lefties that play a right-handed guitar upside down - like Jimi Hendrix did BTW - are one group that might want to try this feature. Mandolin players looking to expand their repertoire with equivalent but upside-down bass transcriptions are another.

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When does FATpick expect a note to start?

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If you've ever wondered exactly when FATpick expects you to play a note to achieve perfect timing - or just want a better understanding of the timing component of FATpick's note detection - this is the post for you.

When should I "hit" a note? What point am I supposed to be targeting? Is there some visual indication I can track against? Is there another cue I can look for?

The answers to all these questions - and detailed, illustrated examples of the note-timing behavior - can be found inside.

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Printing and Exporting Tabs

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Have you ever wished you could play songs from your FATpick library when offline or away from your computer? Now you can. Print or export the full tablature for any song in FATpick using the Print Tab option on the main tab view/gameplay screen.

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