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Release Notes for FATpick v2.5.6

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FATpick v2.5.6 includes several new, small-scale features, a collection of bug fixes, and few other minor enhancements. Feature improvements include random songs lists, duplicate song detection, new auto-discovery chord types, and the option to flip any tab on the vertical axis. Issues with unplayable tracks, accurate representation of relative string gauges, and the proper annotation of inverted chord fingerings have been addressed.

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Shuffle (Random) Song List

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To help you to explore the growing library of songs shared by FATpick users, the song search interface now includes a "shuffle" button that will randomize the order in which the matching songs appear.

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Release Notes for FATpick v2.4.7

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New and improved song search and related features to help you identify tabs that are relevant to your interests, designed for your instrument, and appropriate for your skill level.

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Searching for Songs and Tracks (Tabs)

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The new search interface is more precise - and more powerful - with new options for directly searching and filtering based on track-level characteristics such as instrument type, tuning, and skill-level that make it easier than ever to find the songs you want to play.

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Estimated Track Difficulty

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The difficulty rating is a measure of the complexity of given track - an estimate of the level of skill required to play the tab. It's based on more than two-dozen beat-, measure-, phrase-, and song-level attributes that model the rhythmic, fretting and picking/plucking/strumming performance dimensions.

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Searching and Filtering Songs

Search, filter and sort the songs in FATpick's catalog using facets.

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