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INI File Configuration

Most users won't need to worry about this, but in addition to the in-app settings, it is possible to customize or control various advanced aspects of the FATpick application using an external configuration file. This post describes the use and validation of these initialization files.

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Gameplay Settings

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Use Gameplay Settings to customize the look-and-feel of the tab player and the overall FATpick game experience.

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Additional Documentation on Settings

Just making a note to say there's some older but still useful information about FATpick's settings and other configuration options to be found in the settings section of the user's guide.

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Left-Handed Mode

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Are you a left-handed guitarist? In FATpick you can flip things around to match your view of the world.

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Advanced Audio Analysis Settings

Make the most of FATpick's real-time feedback on your guitar playing by optimizing the pitch and note detection algorithm.

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Custom Themes

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FATpick is skinable. Try a new color scheme (and more) by selecting a new theme from the general settings panel.

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