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How to Share App Logs with FATpick Support

The FATpick app writes error messages and other basic debugging information to a small text file on your local hard drive. If you run into an unexpected problem with FATpick it's possible the log will contain information that can help our support team troubleshoot the issue. There is a button in the app that will upload the contents of that error log to our servers where our support team can review it. Here's how to do that.

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Using the Focusrite Scarlett Solo with FATpick

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FATpick works great with your laptop's built-in microphone, an external USB or AUX mic, or guitar-to-USB connection like Rocksmith's Real Tone cable. But it's hard to beat the quality, performance and convenience offered by an external audio interface. Some users have had questions about how to use an audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett Solo to connect their guitar to FATpick. This post has answers.

This guide is based on the Scarlett Solo - a simple but powerful device the maps two inputs (an XLR microphone and a 1/4" line/instrument/guitar cable) into a two-channel stereo output stream that connects to your computer via USB - but FATpick supports audio interface devices of all shapes and sizes, and in most configurations. We've selected the Solo as an example, due to it's popularity and simplicity, but the information and advice contained herein should also be helpful for and applicable to most other USB audio interface devices.

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Note Detection Basics

General guidelines on how to improve the accuracy of the note detection that powers FATpick's real-time note accuracy and timing feedback. Advice on troubleshooting common problems with note recognition.

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Audio Device Input and Channel Configuration

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If you're using a multi-port audio interface device - like the Focusrite Scarlet series, to name one popular example - here's how to configure FATpick to monitor an arbitrary input and channel.

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Flip Strings on Tablature

Left-handed guitarists and others may be interested in FATpick's new, unique Flip Strings feature. Enable this setting will reverse the order in which strings appear on the tablature, effectively mirroring the tab across a vertical access. Lefties that play a right-handed guitar upside down - like Jimi Hendrix did BTW - are one group that might want to try this feature. Mandolin players looking to expand their repertoire with equivalent but upside-down bass transcriptions are another.

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Audio Settings

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A detailed walk-thru of the various controls and configuration options available in FATpick's Audio Settings menu. (Updated March 7, 2022.)

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ENV Variables for Advanced Customization

Partial listing of ENV and INI parameters for advanced configuration of FATpick.

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Understanding Audio Devices

A gentle introduction to some technical terms that provide the background and context needed to understand some of the more advanced audio configuration options.

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Main Settings Menu

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Your entry-point for dozens of application preferences that can be used to customize your FATpick experience. Read on for an overview of the main settings menu options and links to detailed documentation for each sub-menu.

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INI File Configuration

Most users won't need to worry about this, but in addition to the in-app settings, it is possible to customize or control various advanced aspects of the FATpick application using an external configuration file. This post describes the use and validation of these initialization files.

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General Settings Menu

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The general settings menu contains several application-wide configuration options such as look-and-feel preferences, log and cache configuration, and more. Read on for screenshots and a detailed description of the general settings menu options.

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Gameplay Settings

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Use Gameplay Settings to customize the look-and-feel of the tab player and the overall FATpick game experience.

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