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Installing FATpick with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge and Windows SmartScreen warnings during the installation process, what they mean, and what to do about them.

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Phasing out support for FATpick v1.x

FATpick will soon drop support for the older (v1) generation of the desktop client application. Please upgrade to avoid disruption.

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Adding Custom Songs

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Play custom songs in FATpick by importing a Guitar Pro file.

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Logging in to your FATpick account

Quick tips on logging-in to your FATpick account and how to reset your password.

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Using Repeat Looping

With a repeat loop you can practice one part of a song - whether a full section or a single riff - over and over again. It's often the fastest way to learn to play a new song.

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Advanced Audio Analysis Settings

Make the most of FATpick's real-time feedback on your guitar playing by optimizing the pitch and note detection algorithm.

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Importing Guitar Pro Tabs

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Play custom songs in FATpick by importing Guitar Pro files.

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