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The Tuning Parser

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Notes on the syntax used to specify custom instrument tunings to the fretboard-related reference tools.

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Release Notes for FATpick v2.4.5

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New musical scale explorer; related fretboard tool enhancements; various design tweaks; minor bug fixes.

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Chromatic Tuner

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The in-app tuner is a convenient way to tune your guitar using the same pitch detection algorithm that's applied during game play.

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Stand-Alone Metronome Tool

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Improve your timing with a sophisticated, digital metronome embedded in FATpick for free-form rhythm practice.

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Interactive Fretboard Note Chart

Explore the notes on the fretboard for any instrument in any tuning with this customizable, interactive tool.

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Guitar Chord Database

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Hundreds of guitar chords in fewer than 3 clicks from any screen in the app.

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Metronome Tool

Keeps the beat. Never gets tired.

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Release Notes for FATpick v1.7.4

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Get an overview of the tab before jumping into a new song with the new fretboard heatmap visualization.

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Track Fretboard Heat Map

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Get a better sense of the fretting hand positions you'll use for a tab - even before you play the song for the first time.

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In-App Guitar Tools and References

Quick access to tools and reference materials from every screen in FATpick. Includes a guitar tuner, a chord database and more.

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Release Notes for FATpick v1.7.2

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In-app fretboard diagram viewer; left-handed mode for chord and fretboard charts.

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Left-Handed Mode

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Are you a left-handed guitarist? In FATpick you can flip things around to match your view of the world.

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