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Index of Major Blog Categories

Index to some of the important tags we use to categorize blog posts. (Updated 1/15/22.)

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Where to Find Guitar Tabs

Six dependable sources for high-quality GuitarPro tabs that you can import into FATpick and other music-processing software.

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Song Library

FATpick includes hundreds of songs and thousands of individual tracks to play, with more added every day. Learn more about FATpick's song catalog and how to add custom songs of your own.

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Press Kit

High-resolution logos, icons, screenshots and other assets for print and digital publication are available in the FATpick press kit (media kit).

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Windows Installation Instructions

Instructions on installing FATpick on Microsoft Windows and related tips.

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Logging in to your FATpick account

Quick tips on logging-in to your FATpick account and how to reset your password.

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Legacy Screen Shot Archive

Historical archive of screen-shots and other documentation from FATpick v1.x.

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Create Custom Fretboard Charts

Banner image for Create Custom Fretboard Charts

Introducing a simple tool to generate custom fretboard diagrams for any tuning on any guitar. Print-friendly too.

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