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Application Logs

Application logs may contain information that can help the FATpick Support Team diagnose and resolve any technical issues you might encounter. Here's how to enable the logs and share them with the FATpick team.

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Enabling Hardware Acceleration to Maximize Performance

Enable high-performance graphics mode to allow FATpick to take full advantage of your computer's capabilities.

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Troubleshooting: Performance Issues

Common causes of distorted audio and jerky animation, and what you can do about them.

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Windows Installation Instructions

Instructions on installing FATpick on Microsoft Windows and related tips.

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Release Notes for FATpick v2.3

Automatic updates on Windows; 17 new and improved virtual instruments; more cover art options.

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Installing FATpick with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge and Windows SmartScreen warnings during the installation process, what they mean, and what to do about them.

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Release Notes for FATpick v2.2

Improvements to the app look-and-feel and overall user experience. Plus a handful of minor bug fixes.

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Logging in to your FATpick account

Quick tips on logging-in to your FATpick account and how to reset your password.

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Release Notes for FATpick v2.0.0

We're extremely excited about this release. We think it massively improves several aspects of the product and is a big step closer to our vision for FATpick.

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Release Notes for FATpick v1.7.0

Guitar chord fingerings at your fingertips with the new in-app chord database.

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Release Notes for FATpick v1.6.1

Repeat looping and other features added in FATpick v1.6.1, released March 25 2020.

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Release Notes for FATpick v1.5.0

Release notes for FATpick v1.5.0, released 15 January 2020 for Mac OS X, Windows and (experimentally) Linux.

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