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Released September 28th, 2021, version 2.4.8 of FATpick is available for immediate download for Linux, macOS, and Windows PCs.

This is primarily a maintenance release: no major new features, but updates to a number of infrastructural components and a handful of minor improvements and small bug fixes.

Change Log

Notable changes in this release include:

  • The core technology stack - Electron framework, Chromium engine, and Node/V8 runtime - and several third-party libraries were updated to their respective latest stable releases.

  • More than 40 new tunings have been added tuning presets found on the fretboard reference, scale explorer and related tools, including tunings for lap steel and pedal steel guitar (across 6, 8, 10 and 12 strings), 6-string ukulele, 8-string mandolin and others. Thanks to user JS for the suggestion of and technical support for pedal/lap steel tunings.

  • The "Auto Gain Control" and "Noise Cancellation" audio settings have been demoted from "advanced" to regular configuration options. These settings are now visible on the standard Audio Settings menu, even when "Show Advanced Options" (under General Settings) is disabled.

  • Several minor UI/UX tweaks and fixes were applied, including:

    • Some instances in which buttons remained in an "active" (focused) state unnecessarily have been corrected.

    • The line representing the nut on the fretboard diagram is now split when the fretboard is extra tall (high string-count), roughly corresponding to split-neck pedal steel layouts and providing a small visual anchor that can help you to quickly orient yourself when the fretboard is displaying a large number of strings.

    • The text of and positioning for tooltips was adjusted in a handful of cases.

    • Minor style and performance tweaks were applied to the tab player, mostly related to the layout for and timing of score updates.

  • The "Tint Octaves" toggle on the fretboard-related tools has been replaced by a drop-down menu with three fret color-coding options: the default pitch-class-based rainbow coloring, pitch-class-based hues with the octave-based shading (the equivalent previously having "tint octaves" enabled), and a new "monochrome" option which provides a high-contrast representation that you may find easier to read. Thanks to user JF for the idea!

About FATpick

FATpick is a smart tablature viewer for guitar, bass, ukulele and other fretted, plucked-string instruments

  • Open any GuitarPro file - or hundreds of songs already shared by others - in an side-scrolling tab player that indicates exactly when and where to play each note.

  • Songs are automatically synchronized with backing audio tracks that can be customized with DAW-like controls.

  • And FATpick can listen as you play along with any guitar to provide real-time feedback on your rhythm and note accuracy.

The latest version of FATpick is available at

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