Cover Art for For Those Who Have Heart - Monument - A Day to Remember


Additional Guitar II Tablature

♩ = 165 bpm - 4/4 time

As a preview of what's available in FATpick's song catalog, the following is a plain-text rendition of the tablature for track 4 of "Monument" by A Day to Remember from the album For Those Who Have Heart. This tab is written for a 6-string guitar in the Drop C (CGCFAD) tuning.

For help interpreting this notation, see How to Read Guitar Tablature.

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D|-⋯-|----------------------------|----------------------------| A|-⋯-|----------------------------|----------------------------| F|-⋯-|-7------9------7------9-----|-7------9------7------9-----| C|-⋯-|----10-----10-----10-----10-|----10-----10-----10-----10-| G|-⋯-|----------------------------|----------------------------| C|-⋯-|----------------------------|----------------------------| D|----------------------------|----------------------------|-⋯-| A|----------------------------|----------------------------|-⋯-| F|-7------9------7------9-----|-7------9------7------9-----|-⋯-| C|----10-----10-----10-----10-|----10-----10-----10-----10-|-⋯-| G|----------------------------|----------------------------|-⋯-| C|----------------------------|----------------------------|-⋯-|

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