Cover Art for Riding With The King - Come Rain Or Come Shine - Eric Clapton & B.B. King

Come Rain Or Come Shine

Guitar 3 (Solo Backing/Fill) Tablature

♩ = 66 bpm - 12/8 time

As a preview of what's available in FATpick's song catalog, the following is a plain-text rendition of the tablature for track 3 of "Come Rain Or Come Shine" by Eric Clapton & B.B. King from the album Riding With The King. This tab is written for a 6-string guitar in the Standard (EADGBe) tuning.

For help interpreting this notation, see How to Read Guitar Tablature.

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e|-⋯-|------------|------------|------------|------------|------------| B|-⋯-|-3--3--3--3-|-3--3--3--3-|-3--3--3--3-|-3--3--3--3-|-3--3--3--3-| G|-⋯-|-5--5--5--5-|-4--4--4--4-|-5--5--5--5-|-4--4--4--4-|-5--5--5--5-| D|-⋯-|-4--4--4--4-|-3--3--3--3-|-4--4--4--4-|-3--3--3--3-|-4--4--4--4-| A|-⋯-|-5--5--5--5-|-3--3--3--3-|-5--5--5--5-|-3--3--3--3-|-5--5--5--5-| E|-⋯-|------------|-3--3--3--3-|------------|-3--3--3--3-|------------| e|------------|------------|---------|-⋯-|------------|------------|------------| B|-3--3--3--3-|-3--3--3--3-|-3--3--3-|-⋯-|-3--3--3--3-|-3--3--3--3-|-3--3--3--6-| G|-4--4--4--4-|-5--5--5--5-|-4--4--3-|-⋯-|-5--5--5--5-|-4--4--4--4-|-3--3--3--6-| D|-3--3--3--3-|-4--4--4--4-|-3--3--2-|-⋯-|-4--4--4--4-|-3--3--3--3-|-2--2--2--5-| A|-3--3--3--3-|-5--5--5--5-|-0--0--3-|-⋯-|-5--5--5--5-|-0--0--0--0-|-3--3--3--6-| E|-3--3--3--3-|------------|-3--3----|-⋯-|------------|-3--3--3--3-|------------| e|---|-⋯-| B|-5-|-⋯-| G|-5-|-⋯-| D|-4-|-⋯-| A|-5-|-⋯-| E|---|-⋯-|

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