Cover Art for The Magic Position - The Magic Position - Patrick Wolf

The Magic Position

Patrick Wolf

♩ = 135 bpm - 4/4 time
8 Tabs
The FATpick app includes 8 playable tabs - and 10 backing audio tracks - for "The Magic Position" by Patrick Wolf. Follow the links below to preview the tabs online for free.
Track Instrument Tuning
Guitar Headstock Keyboard Marimba EADGBE
Guitar Headstock Violin Violin Standard (EADGBe)
Guitar Headstock Brass Tuba Standard (EADGBe)
Guitar Headstock Keyboard Organ (Reed) Standard (EADGBe)
Bass Headstock Ukulele Guitar (Acoustic - Nylon) DGBE
Guitar Headstock Bell Tubular Bells Standard (EADGBe)
Bass Headstock Viola Viola CGDA
Guitar Headstock Violin 2 Violin Standard (EADGBe)