Wind Of Change

Solo Fills Tablature

♩ = 76 bpm - 4/4 time

As a preview of what's available in FATpick's song catalog, the following is a plain-text rendition of the tablature for track 6 of "Wind Of Change" by Scorpions from the album Crazy World. This tab is written for a 6-string guitar in the Standard (EADGBe) tuning. For help interpreting this notation, see How to Read Guitar Tablature.

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e|-⋯-|--------|-------------15---------|--------|----------------| B|-⋯-|-----13-|-15--15--15------15--15-|-12--13-|-10--10--13--12-| G|-⋯-|-14-----|------------------------|--------|----------------| D|-⋯-|--------|------------------------|--------|--7---7--10---9-| A|-⋯-|--------|------------------------|--------|----------------| E|-⋯-|--------|------------------------|--------|----------------| e|----------------|----------------|-17--17--15--17--17-|-⋯-| B|-12--13--15--17-|-15--18--17--15-|--------------------|-⋯-| G|----------------|----------------|--------------------|-⋯-| D|--9--10--12--14-|-12--15--14--12-|--------------------|-⋯-| A|----------------|----------------|--------------------|-⋯-| E|----------------|----------------|--------------------|-⋯-|

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