The Tab Player that Listens

FATpick is an interactive tablature viewer that provides real-time feedback on your timing and accuracy as you play along to real songs with any guitar or bass. You can download FATpick for free right now; there are no additional costs, restrictions or constraints during our "beta" period.

Here is a small sample of songs shared by the FATpick community, converted to the old-school "ASCII-tab" format to make them easier to share online. These examples may give you some idea of the songs you can find FATpick's libary, but this is not a great way to experience them.

There are no limits to the full catalog. You can import any Guitar Pro file and play it within FATpick.

You can search the list of all the songs currently available in FATpick.

FATpick really is a better way to learn guitar. We encourage you to download the app and experience it for yourself.

FATpick is a better way to learn guitar.

Use any guitar. Play any song. Your guitar and your laptop are all you need to get started.

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FATpick for MacOS and FATpick for Windows are available to download immediately.

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Pre-release versions of FATpick for other platforms are currently available to a limited audience.