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Play Songs Shared by Other FATpick Users 🎸 Import Custom Songs from Any Guitar Pro Tab 🎸 Songs Include Mutiple Instruments and Parts: Tabs for Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass & More 🎸 No matter your skill level you’ll never get bored of FATpick’s catalog 🎸 Each Tab Backed by Customizable, Synchronized Audio Tracks 🎸 FATpick helps you create a personalized practice session to work on specific songs or guitar skills.

Learn faster than you imagined.

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Make the Most of Your Practice Time 🎸 Instant Feedback on Accuracy & Timing 🎸 Works with Any Guitar 🎸 Repeat Looping 🎸 Leaderboards & Challenges 🎸 Adjustable Playback Rate 🎸 Keep Hands on Your Instrument with Voice Commands 🎸 Quick Access to Chord Diagrams, Fretboard Charts & Other Tools 🎸 Focus of Your Practice Time on Actually Playing Music 🎸 You came to rock 🎸 We’re here to help
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Searching for a song Playing a song in the tab viewer Track Configuration and Selection
A song with chords in the interactive tab player In-app Fretboard Diagram Screenshot Fretboard Heatmap Diagram Screenshot (Dark Theme)
In-App Metronome Gameplay Screenshot of Tab Player with Dark Theme Screenshot of FATpick's Guitar Tuner
Screenshot of the Advanced Audio Analysis Settings Panel Chord Database Screenshot Player Stats

Your laptop and your guitar are all you need.

Works with any guitar. No extra gear or cables are required.

Your acoustic or electric guitar and your device’s built-in microphone are all you need to get started. Of course, if you have a direct injection (DI) box, a guitar-to-USB cable, dedicated instrument microphone, or other audio interface, FATpick works with that too. Advanced audio configuration options help you make the most of your existing set-up.

FATpick looks great on your laptop screen or regular monitor. Connect FATpick to your HD TV or high-resolution monitor and really work the room. The tab player adapts to screens of any size and can be customized to your environment and preferences, or even your mood. Keyboard shortcuts and voice-activated controls make it easy to drive the app whether you’re sitting in front of your laptop or rocking from the other side of the room.