Play the songs you love.

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Upload any Guitar Pro tab 🎸 Or choose from 100s of songs 🎸 Search for songs shared by your friends in the FATpick community 🎸 Adjust individual tracks during game play: Silence the lead guitar track so you can really hear your part in the performance 🎸 Isolate the percussion track to really lock-in with the drums 🎸 Whether you’re a beginning guitarist, an amateur ready to your guitar playing to the next level, or a veteran gigging performer, you’ll never get bored with FATpick’s catalog

Learn faster than you imagined.

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Make the most of your practice time 🎸 Get instant feedback on accuracy and timing 🎸 Repeat a single riff or a full section of song with repeat looping 🎸 Track your improvement with leaderboards and challenges 🎸 Slow down to nail a particular passage, or speed up to improve your mastery 🎸 Voice-activated start, set-lists and other features help you focus of your practice time on actually playing music 🎸 You came to rock 🎸 We’re here to help
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FATpick for MacOS and FATpick for Windows are available to download immediately.

Download for Mac OSX Download for Windows

Pre-release versions of FATpick for other platforms are currently available to a limited audience.

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Screenshot of searching for song in the FATpick app Screenshot of gameplay showing guitar tabs with chords. Screenshot of Track Configuration and Selection in FATpick Two-by-two grid of FATpick screenshots illustrating different color schemes.
Screenshot of the My Stast screen in FATpick A screenshot of the tab player inside FATpick.

Your guitar and laptop are all you need to get started.

No special gear or cable is required.

Your acoustic or electric guitar and your device’s built-in microphone are all you need to get started. Of course, if you have a direct injection (DI) box, a guitar-to-USB cable, dedicated instrument microphone, or other audio interface, FATpick works with that too. Advanced audio configuration options help you make the most of your existing set-up.

FATpick looks great on your laptop screen or regular monitor. Connect FATpick to your HD TV or high-resolution monitor and really work the room. The tab player adapts to screens of any size and can be customized to your environment and preferences, or even your mood. Keyboard shortcuts and voice-activated controls make it easy to drive the app whether you’re sitting in front of your laptop or rocking from the other side of the room.