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The Replacements

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The Replacements are a legendary American rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota active between 1979 and 2001. While never quite a household name the Replacements developed an underground reputation as one of the pioneers of alternative rock, playing a self-deprecating blend of post-punk, garage rock and bar rock tempered by Paul Westerberg's introspective and sometimes sentimental lyrics. The Replacements' discography includes several albums beloved by rock critics, including "Hootenanny", "Let It Be" and "Pleased to Meet Me".

The Replacements were notorious for rowdy live shows. A drunken and profanity laden 1986 performance on Saturday Night Live earned the band a permanent ban from producer Lorne Michaels. (But Paul Westerberg did appear in 1993 as solo artist).

Bassist Tommy Stinson went on to join Guns n' Roses in the late 1990s.