Free Guitar & Bass Resources

FATpick is the tab player that listens. Use any guitar. Play any song. Get real-time feedback on timing and accuracy as you play your favorite songs.

We're pleased to offer the following templates and reference charts as a service to the community. Feel free to download, print and use the following tools.

Guitar Fretboard Chart
Browse FATpick's dictionary of standard and alternative guitar tunings for colorful diagrams showing the notes on the neck of a guitar or bass that you download and print for easy reference.

Or use the custom fretboard diagram generator to create charts for any tuning and any number of strings.

Detail of blank guitar tablature template
Blank tablature for guitar, bass, ukulele, and banjo. Download and print to transcribe popular songs or your own music and exercises as guitar tabs.
Pentatonic Scale for Guitar
Poster describing the major pentatonic scale often used for improvisation and song-writing for solos, melodies and guitar hooks.