FATpick Support

FATpick is here to help you teach yourself guitar.
These links are here to help you use FATpick.



FATpick for MacOS and FATpick for Windows are available to download immediately. Pre-release versions of FATpick for other platforms are available to a limited audience.


Blog Posts about Features

Blog posts that offer a detailed look at individual features, an ongoing series from our blog Liner Notes.


User’s Guide

A user manual for FATpick. If you are wondering what that button does, or why a feature works that way, or just want to learn more about what FATpick is capable of, this is what you are looking for.


Troubleshooting and FAQ

Have you run into problems with FATpick? This guide may help you to resolve the issue directly, or answer any technical questions you might have.


Contact Support

If you still can't find your answer, please contact our support team. We want to help. We're here to help. And your feedback is especially valuable during this field-testing phase.