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FATpick v1.0.5 was released on 14 September 2019 for Mac OS.

This is the first “General Availability” (GA) release for the Mac OS desktop client app.

✨ New Features

  • First GA release of Mac OS desktop client.
  • Added "Clear Cache" option (visible in General Settings when "Show Advanced Options" is enabled).

🎁 Notable Enhancements

  • Streamlined REST payloads to minimize bandwidth and improve overall performance.
  • Refined default audio analysis settings based on field-test results.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed intermittent bug with "load more" search results.
  • Disabled "Clear Cache" option during song playback to prevent issues caused by unexpectedly missing data.
  • Fixed keyboard navigation issue within performance summary dialog. (Depending on keyboard focus, hitting spacebar to unpause playback was also toggling the song favorite / not-favorite status.)

Visit Download FATpick to get the latest version of the FATpick app.

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