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FATpick is a smart music player for guitarists. Open any GuitarPro tab - or more than 1,600 songs already shared by others - in a side-scrolling tablature view that tells you exactly when and where to play each note. Custom tempo, zoom, navigation, and looping controls make FATpick a powerful tool for reading music.


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Each song in FATpick is automatically synchronized with backing audio tracks so you can hear the song as it is meant to be played. Take control of the audio mix with independent DAW-style volume and voice controls for each track and more than 120 virtual instruments to choose from.


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FATpick listens as you play along with any guitar to provide real-time feedback on your pitch and rhythm. See the notes hit or missed, early or late, instantly, while you play. Gamified scoring, historical trends, high-scores, and leaderboards help you track your progress over time.
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Tells You Exactly How to Play

FATpick's enhanced tablature notation shows you the string and fret where each note is played.
Smooth-scrolling animation shows you when - and for how long.
Just pluck the string when the note hits the playhead.

Scrolling Guitar Tabs

Real-Time Feedback for Rapid Improvement

A sophisticated note detection algorithm provides instant feedback on your rhythm and accuracy as you play along with any guitar. No special cables or equipment are needed - FATpick works with any guitar and your device's built-in microphone.

Real-Time Pitch Accuracy Feedback Accuracy and Timing Feedback Deferred Feedback

When learning a new skill a tight feedback loop is key, so FATpick evaluates your performance in real-time. See instant feedback on the notes you hit and miss, or detailed early/perfect/late timing, or turn off color-coding altogether and wait for the performance summary at the end of the song.

Game Mechanics Make It Fun

Playing your favorite songs in an intuitive, game-like app - guitar practice never feels like a chore. Challenges, leaderboards, trophies, and more keep you motivated and engaged.

Performance Summary

But FATpick is more than a game. Objective performance feedback is a powerful learning tool. Identify ways to improve your playing with instant feedback. Track your progress with historical stats.


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1600+ Songs Out of the Box

(growing every day - and you're free to add more)

Song Search
FATpick includes a growing library of ready-to-play songs shared by users - more than 1600 at last count. You can search and filter these songs by type and category and tag them to organize a list of your favorite songs.

Most songs contain several instruments or parts to choose from - like lead, rhythm, and bass guitar - more than 7,800 independently playable tabs are included.

Independent, DAW-like audio controls and more than 120 realistic virtual instruments let you customize the sound of each track - and set up right mix for your performance.

Listen to the full score to get feel for the song, or mute the part you're playing to put yourself right in the middle of the band.

Track Mixer

For a preview of the current public catalog you can search an up-to-date list of shared songs here.

Add Custom Songs

Instantly add custom songs to FATpick by importing any file in the Guitar Pro format - the de facto standard for sharing tabs with hundreds of thousands of files available online.

Play Custom Songs
Cover Art Import

Simply open the file you want to import, confirm title / artist / album, and optionally look for cover art to associate with the song. Play new songs in seconds.

FATpick users have added over 9,000 custom tabs - more than 665 continuous hours of music transcribed into tablature - and new songs are added every day.

User Feedback

Awesome app. You guys rock!
Tom L., Guitar Instructor
Exactly what I was looking for.
FATpick is freaking awesome!
Jeff V.
A real lifesaver - especially for writing songs on 7 string in weird modes and alternate tunings!
Jason F.
Honestly, congratulations! It's stunning work!
Kartik N.
Huge fan of this app.

Actual customer feedback. Used with permission.

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100% Recommended
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4 Stars
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‟Improve Quickly and Steadily While Avoiding Boredom or Burnout”
‟Awesome Music Education Apps That Will Take 2022 By Storm”

Tools for Guitarists

Our goal is to make FATpick your go-to app for guitar practice — not just the best way to read guitar tabs or learn new songs but a guitar practice companion with the tools and information you want at your fingertips while you practice.

With in-app tools like the metronome or chromatic tuner and reference content like the chord database, track heat map and fretboard charts the information you need is never more than a couple of clicks away.


Searching for a song Playing a song in the tab viewer Track Mixer Screenshot
Interactive tab player showing a song with chords and strumming patterns Fretboard Chart: Scale Explorer Mode Track Heatmap Diagram Screenshot (Dark Theme)
Screenshot of FATpick's Stand-alone Metronome Tool Gameplay Screenshot of Tab Player with Dark Theme Screenshot of FATpick's Guitar Tuner
Advanced Audio Analysis Settings Panel Guitar Chord Database Player Stats

(You can also find dozens of high-resolution FATpick screen captures in the press kit.)

Free for a limited time.

FATpick has been available for free - no ads, no time limits, no premium content - in order to "field test" the app in diverse environments. This policy remains in effect, but the field testing phase will soon come to an end.

FATpick is still free. But we anticipate switching to a paid model in the coming months. When we do, early adopters - and only early adopters - will be eligible for a special offer that includes a signficant discount from the regular price.