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FATpick v1.7.3 was released on November 16, 2020, adding a guitar tuner and an advanced pitch detector selection option.

✨ In-App Guitar Tuner

A handy tuner is now available from the “Tools” menu. To open the tuner just click the toolbox icon at the top of every screen and choose “Tuner” from the menu. You can also using keyboard navigation shortcuts to open the tuner: press T to open the tools menu and then T again to open the guitar tuner.

To tune your guitar pluck each string in turn, letting the note ring out. The tuner will show you the nearest note and whether — and how much — the tone is sharp or flat.

This tool is an extension of the “Live Test” instrumentation found on the advanced audio settings menu.

A couple of other visualizations — a graphic equalizer spectrum analyzer and an oscilliscope-style waveform viewer — are also included. They look pretty cool, but these aren't just eye candy. You can use these to get a sense of the audio that FATpick is picking up, which can help you troubleshoot problems with your audio settings.

Note that you can also tweak the Audio Analysis settings if you really want to dial-in the pitch detection for your specific guitar, device and audio interface.

✨ Alternate Pitch Detection Algorithms

Over at FATpick labs we experiment with a lot of different signal processing techniques to ensure our pitch and note onset/offset detection logic works well — accurately and efficiently — across a variety of devices and environments. But sometimes there's no “one size fits all” solution. Different guitars, different computers, even different rooms may work best in different configurations.

For this reason you can customize FATpick using the audio analysis settings menu to control several key parameters of the audio signal processing logic (once you've enabled the advanced options).

FATpick v1.7.3 adds a signficant new “knob ” in the audio analysis settings: the “Pitch Detector” selection. This option chooses among a small set of fundamentally different pitch detection algorithms. While the general principles remain the same, we've found that distinct signal processing algorithms sometimes work better for different users. If FATpick is having trouble correctly picking up the notes you are playing you might want to give one of the alternate pitch detection algorithms a try.

(You should also take a look at these troubeshooting tips if you're having problems. There is often a much easier solution to the problem than experimenting with the audio processing parameters.)

Most users will want to leave the “Default” option selected, which will automatically use FATpick's recommended pitch detection logic — even if that changes in the future. But you can select one of the other options to lock-in a specific pitch detector if you need to.

🐞 Bug Fixes & Other Notable Changes

  • The “Ready Reference” menu has been renamed “Tools” — now behind a toolbox icon — and the corresponding keyboard shortcut has been changed from R to T.

  • Fixed keyboard navigation for some header buttons on the song search screen.

  • The tooltips for the header navigation and other icon-only buttons now indicates the corresponding keyboard shortcut. The approriate key is indicated by an Underlined character, as already seen on menu buttons.

Open any Guitar Pro tab in an interactive tab viewer backed by original recordings or generated audio. FATpick gives instant feedback on your timing and accuracy as you play along with any guitar.

Visit the downloads page to get the latest version of FATpick for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux for free right now.

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