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FATpick v2.1.2 is a minor bug-fix release for Windows and Mac OS X, released February 23, 2021.

This release addresses an error in the Guitar Pro song import logic that could cause incorrect or incomplete tablature to be displayed in the player for songs that include specific characteristics.

Fewer than 1% of the songs in the FATpick catalog were impacted by these issues but we wanted to roll out a fix as quickly as possible once we became aware of the issue.

Fixed in this Release

🐞 An edge case involving Guitar Pro 5 files containing repeat sections with unclosed alternative endings that caused parts of the song to be omitted.

🐞 An error that would sometimes split "tied" notes that span repeat, alt-ending and other section boundaries.

🐞 Tied notes linking to the wrong string in the previous beat in certain edge cases.

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FATpick is tablature viewer that turns guitar practice into a game.

FATpick listens as you play along - to any song - with any guitar - to score your performance based on pitch and timing.

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