The tab player that listens.

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Play over 1,850 songs - more than 9,000 individual tabs - already shared by others — or import any GuitarPro file to add your own songs.

FATpick renders any song in a side-scrolling tablature viewer that shows you exactly where and when to play each note using an intuitive and standard notation.

Each song is synchronized with backing tracks that can be customized with independent DAW-style audio and voice controls and more than 120 sample-based virtual instruments.

FATpick listens as you play along with any guitar, bass or ukulele — electric or acoustic — to provide immediate feedback on your pitch and timing.

Objective, consistent feedback that will help you improve.

Adjust the tempo, set up a repeat loop, personalize the performance feedback, musical notation, and other gameplay settings to practice what and how you choose.

Engaging game mechanics, personal records, competition modes, global leaderboards, historical performance statistics and achievement badges to keep you motivated.

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FATpick for Mac OSX and FATpick for Windows are available to download immediately.

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Pre-release versions of FATpick for other platforms are currently available to a limited audience.


While we plan to charge for it eventually, FATpick is currently available for free so we can field-test in diverse environments. No cost. No ads. No time limits. No paid DLC.

Unlimited content. Add custom songs or play any song in the catalog.

No extra equipment or special cables are needed. FATpick uses your device's built-in mic - or any other audio input device - and works with any guitar, bass, or other string instrument.

We expect this field-testing period to end relatively soon. When it does, early-access users will be eligible for special offers - and a substantial discount off the regular price.

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