Guitar Practice Companion

The tab player with real-time feedback is just one way FATpick can help you master your instrument. FATpick is a practice companion - your go-to source for the information and tools you'll want at your fingertips while you practice your guitar, bass or uke.

Stand-alone tools and interactive reference materials are never more than a couple of clicks away from any screen in the app. Just open the Tools menu for instant access to content and features that help you to make the most of your practice time.

Here are some of the tools you'll find there.

Scale Explorer

Explore fingering charts for hundreds of guitar scales in any tuning with FATpick's musical scale explorer.

Like the fretboard tool, the scale explorer charts the notes on the neck of any guitar, bass, ukulele - virtually any fretted string instrument: any tuning, on any number of strings, across any number of frets, but scale explorer adds so much more.

  • See the fretboard layout for dozens of scales and modes for any root note.
  • Customizable audio and visual interactions to help you see and hear patterns: pluck or strum any note; trigger an ascending or descending scale run; note labels and coloring to visualize patterns across the fretboard; pop-up annotations with detailed information about each position; and more.
  • Step through different root notes, positions, scale types and modes quickly and easily to appreciate the way in which scale patterns flow across the fretboard.
  • Follow the scale formula to understand the interval structure of each scale family.
  • Browse an exhaustive list of fingering patterns and positions you can use to practice scale runs.

Select any root note, scale family, fretboard position, voice, or tuning from the preset menus, or enter a custom tuning of your choosing.


Enjoy free-form rhythm practice with a sophisticated digital metronome. The stand-alone metronome tool offers audio and visual feedback in perfect time for any tempo.

Dial-in a tempo as beats-per-minute (BPM). Choose anything from 2 to 64 beats per bar. Select an optional downbeat / accent pattern to sub-divide each measure with beat groupings like 2-3 versus 3-2 in 5/4 time or 2-2-2 versus 3-3 in 6/8 time.

Choose one of the provided sound kits - everything from analog or digital metronome sounds; to hi-hat, chirp, woodblock, side-stick, or other click-tracks; to conventional drums patterns from rock, country, hip-hop or other genres. Or fully customize the metronome sound by assigning any of hundreds of drum and FX samples to the standard or accented beats.

The rhythmic structure is represented with both graphics and sound that highlight the rhythmic structure with accents for the first beat of each measure and each beat-group within the bar.

Chord Dictionary

Discover 2200+ guitar chords in just 2 clicks.

Whether you're looking for a common chord like G Major or A minor or obscure chords like "E Flat Augmented 5th Sharp 11th Added" or "C Dominant 9th Sharp 5th", just follow the quick, tree-based menu to drill-down to the information you need.

Find recommended and alternative fingerings in just two clicks - (1) choose a root note; (2) choose a chord type; (3) see the chord box diagram that tells you exactly where to put your fingers on the fretboard to play each chord - and thousands of different inversions, positions and variations. It's that simple.

Fretboard Chart

Learn the fretboard, explore alternative tunings, and visualize the music theoretic patterns that undergird the grid of frets and strings found on the neck of your guitar.

The interactive fretboard tool charts the notes on the fretboard for an arbitrary instrument - any tuning, any fret-count, any number of strings. Frets are labelled and color-coded to help you identify patterns as you move up, down and across the neck. Click any fret for more detailed information - or to HEAR the note played at each position - voiced by any of 120+ virtual instruments.

Choose from nearly 100 different tuning presets for guitar, bass, ukulele, and mandolin - including variants like lap-steel guitar or 5-string bass - or enter a custom tuning for any number of strings.

Chromatic Tuner

Dial-in the perfect tuning at the start of your practice session; or quickly change over to an alternative tuning. The chromatic tuner detects and displays the pitch of the notes played on your guitar, bass or other instrument with an interface that's familiar to users of both analog and digital tuners.

Check your tuning with the same note detection algorithm used by the in-game tab player. The spectrogram and oscilloscope-style visualizations look cool, but also serve a broader purpose: they can help you understand the audio signal that FATpick is hearing and troubleshoot issues that might otherwise be hard to diagnose.

About FATpick

FATpick is the tab player that listens. Open hundreds of songs from the shared catalog - or any GuitarPro file - in an interactive music viewer that show you when and where to play each note. FATpick listens as you play along with any guitar to give real-time feedback on your performance.

The FATpick app is available for immediate download for macOS and Windows PCs. Create a free account to unlock unlimited access - all songs, all features, no ads, no in-app payments, no time-limits.