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Here's something we've been building to for a little while. FATpick now annotates tablature with chord names and strumming pattern markers.

Any time you import a Guitar Pro file that includes chord name and/or fingering information (chord boxes) or stroke direction annotations, they will now also appear in FATpick.

All previously imported songs have been re-processed to include chords if they are available.

Screenshot of tab with chord name and stroke annotations in FATpick.

Chords appear above the tablature aligned with - and highlighted in time to - the corresponding notes in the tab. Arrows indicate upstroke and downstroke strumming patterns.

A new "Chords" filter has been added to the song catalog search. You can use this filter to find songs that include chord annotations.

Within the track selection screen, a icon for small "stack" of notes is used to flag chord tracks, as seen here:

Detail of a screenshot from FATpick showing the poly-note icon that is used to indicate chord tracks.

If you find the chord annotations a distraction you can turn them off (or back on) using the "Chord Names" toggle under "Gameplay Settings".

We have plans for even more chord-related enhancements that build on these capabilities, but this is a pretty big step up. If you are a rhythm guitarist or strummer FATpick just got a lot more useful.

In order to see chords and strumming patterns you'll need FATpick 1.5.1 or later. You can grab the latest version of FATpick from the downloads page.

FATpick is a guitar practice tool that presents auto-scrolling guitar tablature synchronized with backing audio. FATpick listens as you play along on your guitar, tracking the notes you hit or miss. Choose from the rapidly growing library of songs shared by others, or import custom songs by uploading tabs in the common GuitarPro format.

Chords and strumming patterns are just one of FATpick's many features. FATpick is currently free for Windows, OS X, and even Linux. (Fair warning: We do intend to charge for FATpick eventually, but we're still making it cooler. Early adopters can help us make the ultimate guitar practice tool and will get a sweet discount when we're finally ready to charge.)

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