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I've been looking at FATpick's evolution over the past year — our first year, really — and pulled together some statistics you might find interesting. Since there's a lot of little tidbits to share, we'll break it up into a few blog entries. The topic of this post is the song catalog.

Songs Added in 2020

You can add your own songs to FATpick by importing any Guitar Pro file and, if you'd like, share those songs for others to discover and play. There's been a lot of that sharing over the past year:

  • FATpick users have added 215 unique songs in the past 12 months.

  • Since most of those songs contain the music for several instruments or parts, they include a total of 851 unique, playable tracks.

  • Collectively those tracks describe nearly 63 hours of music. That's almost 3 days of continuous play time to run through each of those tracks once.

And that's excluding any private (unshared) songs users have imported into their personal library.

With the custom song import, the catalog is only as limited as your imagination. But 215 songs with 851 tracks already compares very favoriably to similar apps.

FATpick's library already contains 4x more songs than Rocksmith had at launch, and 17x as many tracks. (To be fair, Rocksmith's catalog has grown substanially since then, if you include all the DLC.)

It seems that FATpick already has more than 2x the music available in Yousician today. Their official Spotify playlist — which "aims to be complete" according to their own description — includes 96 songs with just over 6 hours of total play time right now. Even if you ignore individual tracks, the more than 200 songs that FATpick users have shared so far in 2020 add up to more than 13 hours of music.

More Graphs & Numbers

What kind of songs have users been sharing? We ran some numbers to find out.

Number of Tracks per Song

Most of the songs in FATpick have multiple tracks, each representing a different instrument (e.g. guitar vs. bass) or a different part (e.g., lead vs. rhythm guitar).

How many tracks? Let's take a look:

  • About 25% of the songs have exactly one track. This is the largest single category (but far from a majority). Many of these are scales and other simple exercises that people have created to pratice with. Others are songs for which someone has only transcribed a single part, a bass line, or a guitar melody for example..

  • Songs added this year have roughly 4 tracks per song on average (3.96 to be precise).

  • The largest number of tracks found in any one song this year was 12.

Here's a graph of the overall distribution:

Graph of Tracks Per Song

As you can see, other than the spike for single-track songs, it's essentially a “bell curve” centered around 4 or 5 tracks.

Songs by Instruments Type

But what are those tracks, specifically?

Here's a chart showing what fraction of the songs shared this year include at least one track for a given type of instrument.

Graph of Songs by Instrument

What can we see here?

  • As you might expect, nearly all of the songs, 97%, have a guitar track. In fact most have more than one. This year the songs added to FATpick had 2.6 guitar tracks on average.

  • Bass is also well represented. Roughly 60% of the songs include a bass part. This is no coincidence. Bass guitar has never been an afterthought for FATpick. (I hope to say more about that topic in a future post.). But it is gratifying to see that bassists have found a home here at FATpick, in light of how limited the content for bass guitarists is in some similar apps.

  • I was surprised to learn that almost 1 in 10 songs include parts for guitars with a weird number of strings. Most of these are tabs for 5-string bass, but there's a few 7-string guitar tabs mixed in there too. (Probably some other obscure arrangements, I'd need to dig deeper to get a full picture.)

Songs by Duration

Do you like superlatives? Here are some fun facts:

  • The shortest song that was shared to FATpick this year has a play time of 5.4 seconds. That's much shorter than most, but short “songs” like this aren't unheard o f. Often these are little exercises or scales that people have created to practice with.

  • The longest song that was shared this year was more than 13 minutes long.

  • For sheer mass, the song with the largest total play time (counting all tracks), weighs in at nearly 80 minutes of music. The song has both heft and girth: over 7 minutes long and includes 11 tracks.

Here's a chart of the overall distribution of songs by duration:

Distribution of Song Duration

I was most surprised by the how many long songs were added to FATpick. Nearly 1 in 10 songs is more than 7 minutes long.

But most of the songs shared this year are in line with what you might expect from a typical rock song. More than half of all songs added in 2020 were between 2 and 5 minutes in length and the average play time was 3:51.

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