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The following is an alphabetical listing of some of the important categories used to organize posts on this blog.

Because it is convenient, this list is itself published as blog post, but unlike many blog posts this content is not an archived, point-in-time snapshot of static or frozen content. This is a living document. We'll edit this post to keep the listing up-to-date as relevant tags are introduced.

This content was last updated 25 May 2021.

  • Charts - periodic reports on popular songs, trending songs, other superlatives-per-unit-time based user-activity within FATpick and related metrics and statistics; also see the related Year in Review and Tabs categories.

  • Features - in-depth articles documenting individual features of the app; a sort of serialized user manual for FATpick.

  • Linux - information about using FATpick on the GNU/Linux platform.

  • MacOS - content especially relevant to FATpick users on Apple's macOS platform (variously known as Mac, OS X, Mac OS X, Mac OSX, etc, but "macOS" is Apple's preferred branding, at least for now)

  • Release Notes - describing what's new and what's changed are published for each and every release (and we do lot of those); release announcements; change log

  • Support - knowledge-base articles to help you make the most of FATpick

  • Tools - sub-category of Features describing guitar practice tools and reference content embedded within the app, as distinct from the primary tablature-viewing game-play experience.

  • Troubleshooting - tips on how to diagnose and resolve common problems; technical support articles documenting specific hardware or software integrations and other detailed or specialized topics

  • Windows - content especially relevant for users of FATpick on the Microsoft Windows platform or running FATpick on Windows PCs. Windows 10 is recommended, but FATpick also runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

These are not the only tags we use to categorize blog posts - we frequently add new and revise existing tags as we tend to the blog - but these are the major categories we use currently, and they index some of the most relevant and valuable content we publish on the blog.


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