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FATpick v1.7.2 was released 11 November 2020, adding new and improved “ready reference“ features.

✨New Feature: In-App Fretboard Diagrams

Extending FATpick's online fretboard diagram generator, the ready reference menu now includes a fretboard viewer.

Follow a link from the tab player to see a chart of all the notes on the fretboard for the tuning of the track you are currently playing, or for an arbitrary tuning — for an arbitrary number of strings — by just typing out the tuning of each string. The fretboard for the last tuning you viewed is automatically remembered. And it all works even when offline.

The fretboard chart is never more than two clicks — or two keystrokes — away from any screen in the app. Simply hit the ready reference icon (keyboard shortcut R) and select the fretboard option (keyboard shortcut F).

🎁 Enhanced Feature: Left-Handed Mode

Both the fretboard diagram and the previously released guitar chord browser now include a feature just for lefties.

With left-handed mode you can flip chord boxes and / or the fretboard diagram to based on the orientation of your guitar.

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FATpick is a guitar tablature viewer that listens as you play along with any guitar, giving instant feedback on the accuracy and timing of your performance. Choose from hundreds of songs already shared by the FATpick guitar community or play custom songs my importing any Guitar Pro tab. Visit the downloads page to get the latest version of FATpick for Windows, MacOS or Linux for free right now.

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