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Some of the greatest guitarists in rock and blues have been left handed. Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney and Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain are just a few of the famous lefties in the rock pantheon.

Left handed guitarists face a number of unique challenges. Some buy a dedicated left-handed guitar. Others flip over and re-string a right-handed guitar to make a sort of poor-man’s left-handed guitar rather than shelling out extra money for the real thing. Some even learn to play a right-handed guitar “upside down” by flipping it over but leaving the strings alone. This approach gives the left-handed guitar a unique sound — as if tuned to eGBDAE instead of EADGBe. It also has the advantage of allowing the guitarst to pick any right-handed guitar and just start playing.

One disadvantge of the upside-down eGBDAE tuning is that most of the tabs and chord diagrams you'll find are backwards. So lefties must learn to flip chord diagrams over in their heads.

Even with left-handed guitar (or a re-strung right-handed guitar) lefties need to do mental gymnastics to read things like fretboard charts since the neck of their guitar reads right-to-left rather than left-to-right.

Well lefty fam, we've got you. FATpick includes a “lefty mode” that you can use to flip things around to the way they should be in your world. Throughout the app you'll find a small left-hand/right-hand icon in the corner. Just tap this icon to switch to the left-handed view of the world. Tap it again to switch back to righty-mode.

FATpick’s left-handed mode is “sticky” — once you've turned it on it will stay on. It’s also feature-specific. For example, the left-handed chordbox mode is independent of the left-handed fretboard mode. That way you have the flexiblity to customize the view for your specific circumstance, whether you're using a left-handed guitar or an upside-down right-handed guitar or something in between.

Import any Guitar Pro file into an interactive, auto-scrolling tab viewer sync'd with backing audio. FATpick listens to your performance, providing real-time feedback on your timing and accuracy, as you play along with any guitar.

You can download FATpick for free right now and be playing songs in just two minutes.

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