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FATpick v2.3.2 was released on 24 March 2021 for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The release addresses a couple of notable bugs and includes significant performance optimizations for application startup and song play.

Visit the downloads page to get the latest version of FATpick.

🎁 Performance Optimizations

Efficiency and performance improvements were made in several aspects of the application, including the following.

Song Play Experience

Changes were made to memory management, heap allocation and the order of operations in the "inner-loop" in order to increase the throughput of the core game engine.

These performance improvements eliminate the occasional static or popping sounds and animation jitter that could occur when the application was under heavy load.

Tuner, Advanced Analysis Configuration

Similar optimizations were applied in other areas of the app, most notably in the chromatic tuner and the "settings preview" instrumentation that can be enabled within the Audio Analysis settings menu.

Application Launch

Start-up time has been reduced for all platforms, but most noticeably on Windows. The app now launches approximately 10% faster, measured as the time between double-clicking on the icon and time at which the app window is fully rendered.

🐞 Notable Bug Fixes

First Time Play Time Tracking

We fixed a bug that caused the very first play-through of a newly imported song not be to tracked within the total play time (as seen in My Statistics).

Track Volume Stickiness

A problem was introduced in a recent release that caused custom track volume settings to be forgotten between sessions. This would cause the track volume slider (and only the volume slider - solo/mute and instrument selection were unaffected) revert to the volume specified in the initial song import file.

This problem has been fixed.

Some Other Stuff

  • The size of the application installer has been reduced for faster downloads and faster auto-upgrades.

  • Support for ini files has been added. This allows configuration of certain launch-time application settings. These are most valuable for advanced, hardware-specific configuration. (More info about this later.)

  • FATpick is now more aggressive about requesting a high-performance GPU on the Windows platform. (More on this later too.)

  • Minor UI improvements were applied. E.g.: measure break lines are slightly wider, the layout of the About FATPick box has changed, vertical spacing on some screens has been improved, the timing of certain animation effects was adjusted.

Go to to get the latest release of FATpick for Windows (7-10+), MacOSX and Linux.

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