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Version 2.4.7 of FATpick for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux was released on September 15th, 2021.

The primary focus for this release is song search and "findability" improvements, but a couple of notable bug fixes are also included.

🔥 New Features

Song Search Revamp

FATpick's song library is growing rapidly, and that's a great thing. But it can also make it more difficult to explore the full catalog or identify the songs that are most relevant to your interests, instrument and skill-level. We've been working on a number of song discovery and findability features to address this challenge, and the revised search interface introduced in release 2.4.7 is a first, major step in that direction.

Song Search Form
Revised Song Searching and Filtering Interface in FATpick v2.4.7

The new and improved song search and browse feature includes:

  • Improved free-text (keyword-based) searching on song metadata.

  • Redesigned and rationalized search facets for filtering and sorting based on your personal relationship to the songs: your library, your favorites, your play history.

  • Precise and practical controls for searching and filtering based on track-specific criteria including instrument type, string-count, tuning and tab difficulty or skill-level. You can easily browse a list of songs that include tabs specifically transcribed for a 7-string guitar tuned to BEADGBE, for example, or a beginner-level tab for ukulele in gCEA.

For more information about the revised song search, see this earlier write-up.

Estimated Track Difficulty

Track-complexity analysis is now automatically applied to each playable track whenever a new song is added to FATpick. This value estimates the level of skill required to play the corresponding tab.

The complexity rating is visible in the tab player in the song details panel and within the track-listing in the audio-mixer dialog, and can be used to filter the list of available songs in the new and improved song search and browse interface.

Tab Difficulty Rating in Song Details Panel
Track difficulty rating as it appears in the tab player's song detail panel.

See this blog post for more information about the track/tab difficulty metric, how it is computed, and where it is used.

🐞 Bug Fixes and Other Notable Changes

  • An issue was introduced in the previous release (v2.4.6) that broke the "stickiness" of several track audio mix and song playback settings. This problem has been corrected. Song and track customizations - including previously selected (last-played) tab, last-used performance mode, and individual solo/mute/volume-level track settings - are now (once again) automatically restored when the song is opened.

  • We discovered a small but long-standing error in the frequency computation used for two very high-pitched notes: A♯7 and B7. Luckily these are quite obscure - well outside the range of notes that can be played on a guitar or ukulele fretboard in any common tuning - so it is unlikely that anyone directly encountered a problem related to this error. However due to the way in which FATpick's pitch detection algorithm works it is at least theoretically possible that this may have had a very slight, indirect impact on pitch-class detection even at lower octaves. In any event, this error is now fixed.

  • The cover art image handling logic was revised in order to reduce download times (images are fetched faster than before), increase cache efficiency (fewer images need to be re-dowloaded) and improve overall reliability (eliminating most causes of "missing" covers). Some scenarios in which a low-resolution image was used as the cover art backdrop for the tab player have also been eliminated.

Download the latest version of FATpick here.

For more information about FATpick, the tab player that listens, visit

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