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Deployed on January 2nd, release v2.5.2 is first FATpick update for 2022.

The primary purpose of this release is to introduce new configuration options in support of multi-port audio interfaces like the Focusrite Scarlet or PreSonus Quantum.

A handful of bug fixes and minor enhancements are also provided. These changes are largely cosmetic, but address some visually conspicuous if superficial issues.

Visit to download the latest version of FATpick.

New Audio Input and Channel Support

The most common audio input devices - microphones and instrument cables - provide a monophonic audio signal: a single audio data stream - one input, one channel.

More sophisticated devices known as "audio interfaces" generate a polyphonic audio signal: multiple inputs, each potentially containing multiple channels, all from one device.

While FATpick has always worked with audio devices of all shapes and sizes, full support of multi-port audio interfaces has been lacking. Historically FATpick would always listen on the first channel of the first input on the selected audio device. There was no way (or at least no easy way) to configure FATpick to listen to a guitar plugged in to the second jack of a multi-port audio interface.

Audio Settings: device, input and channel selection
Audio Settings Menu (Detail)
Now FATpick can listen to an arbitrary channel of an arbitrary input of the selected device.

Release 2.5.2 eliminates that weakness. Now you can use the Audio Settings (and related) menus to select an arbitrary input and channel for FATpick to monitor.

Other Notable Improvements

  • Improved Title Sort - definite articles like "a", "an", and "the" are now automatically moved to the end of the names of songs, bands, and albums for sorting purposes. E.g., a name like "The Rolling Stones" will be sorted as "Rolling Stones, The" and hence will appear under "R" (for "Rolling) rather than "T" (for "The"). This means searching for "Beatles" will pull up songs attributed to "The Beatles", "Beatles, The" or just "Beatles, and group them together (under "B") when listed alphabetically. This change applies both to the song search in the app and to the online song catalog preview.

  • Minor Performance Boost for Volume Meter - the power-lever computation that supports the input monitor found on the tablature viewer, audio settings menu, and various other places in the app, has been tuned for performance. This yields a substantial reduction in the processing time for the volume meter in isolation. But this was not a significant factor in the overall processing time to begin with. In the general case the time saved is inconsequential relative to the end-to-end audio input processing, but may be relevant in certain edge cases.

Bug Fixes

  • Sharing Large Application Logs - previously the Send Application Logs to Support Team action was failing when the total size of the application logs exceeded 256 KB. This limit has been removed. You should now be able to upload logs files of any size. (Note that FATpick's application logs are automatically capped to at most 1 MB (1024 KB) per file and 4 MB (4096 KB) across all files.) Thanks to user AS for reporting this issue.

  • Missing Quarter-Note Glyph Restored - due to platform- and region-specific variations in system fonts, some users were unable to see the quarter-note symbol ( ♩ ) in the tempo label found on the tab player (something like "♩= 120 BPM"). This font-specific dependency has been removed. All users should now properly see the quarter note (or other note duration) symbol in the tempo annotation.

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