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The 10 most played songs in FATpick's public song catalog for June 2021.

Songs are ranked by the total time users spent actively playing any part of the song in the FATpick tab viewer in the month of June (midnight to midnight, UTC/GMT).

Last month's chart can be found here.

FATpick's 10 Most Played Songs for June 2021
FATpick's Top 10 Songs, by Total Play Time, for June 2021.
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As is typical for these kind of data, the chart of the most popular songs in FATpick loosely resembles a power law distribution: The song at the top of the chart - this month, America's "Horse With No Name" - is roughly 10 times more popular than the song in the 11th slot, and 100 times more popular than the song ranked #101. They aren't listed in the top 10 chart below, but this month that's John Denver's "Country Roads" and "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits, respectively. The most popular content dominates the list, but popularity drops off fairly rapidly as you move down the chart, creating a "long tail" - a large, diverse collection for which no individual song was frequently played but collectively account for the bulk of the overall play-time for the month.

Use the links below to access a free, online rendition of the complete tabs for each song on the chart - and nearly 400 other songs shared by FATpick users.

Better yet, download the FATpick desktop app - for free - right now and explore the tabs with FATpick's sensational in-app tab player.

Raw Data

Rank Song Artist Album % Total Play Time
1 A Horse With No Name America America 8.75%
2 Heeding The Call HammerFall Legacy of Kings 7.31%
3 Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd The Wall 4.88%
4 The Distance Cake Fashion Nugget 3.63%
5 Comptine d'un autre été Yann Tiersen Amelie 3.08%
6 Aerials System of a Down Toxicity 2.88%
7 Back in Black AC/DC Back in Black 2.87%
8 Loser Beck Mellow Gold 2.73%
9 You are my Sunshine Johnny Cash Unearthed 2.63%
10 Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 2.49%
  All Other Songs 58.74%



About FATpick

FATpick is the tab player that listens. Open any GuitarPro file - or hundreds of songs already shared by others - in an interactive tab player - synchronized with backing audio tracks - that tells you exactly when and where to play each note. Play along with any guitar and FATpick listens to your performance to provide instant feedback on your pitch and timing accuracy.

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